The Glenview Council was chartered in 1960 at the former Glenview Naval Air Station in Glenview, Illinois.  While the Air Station closed in 1995 under BRAC, our council is still going strong.  We have continued close ties with units that were stationed at GNAS, including Navy, Recruiting District Chicago, Marine Air Control Group 48, Coast Guard Air Stations, and Naval Air Reserve Center Chicago.  Additionally, we have built ties with Great Lakes Naval Training Center and Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Chicago.

In addition to supporting the above commands, Glenview Council adopted the Naval Junior ROTC unit at Wheeling High School, Wheeling, Illinois; and recently adopted Chicago's Own Young Marines.

Major events conducted by Glenview Council are: Toys for Tots kickoff/Marine Corps Birthday Dinner and Fundraiser, summer picnics with air crew at USCG Air Station Waukegan, participation in local events such as Flag Day, Independence Day Parade, co-sponsoring Glenview Civic Awards Dinner.  Awards presented by Glenview council each year include NJROTC Scholarship, Roosevelt Youth Medal, Past President's Award to outstanding Sailor, Marine or Coast Guardsman, and a Community Service Award in honor of former Council President and community leader, Frank Koepke.

Glenview Council participates in several changes of command in the area and supports events sponsored by other Chicago area Councils, such as Christmas Ship (Chicago Council), Fleet Week (Aurora Council), Navy Ball (Naperville council) and RAM Gallery/RAM Renken Awards (Lake County Council).

Our Council has partnered with Forest City, military housing manager, to assist in a annual holiday party and spouse's appreciation luncheon for military personnel.  Our Council has also partnered with the Hangar One Foundation to preserve and present the legacy of GNAS.

The Navy League has set forth the following objectives:
  1. To foster and maintain interest in a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine as integral parts of a sound national defense and vital to the freedom of the United States.
  2. To serve as a means of educating and informing the American people with regard to the role of sea power in the nuclear age and the problems involved in maintaining strong defenses in that age.
  3. To improve the understanding and appreciation of those who wear the uniforms of our armed forces and to better the conditions under which they live and serve.
  4. To provide support and recognition for the Reserve forces in our communities in order that we may continue to have a capable and responsive Reserve.
  5. To educate and train our youth in the customs and traditions of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Coast Guard and the Merchant Marine through the means of an active and vigorous Naval Sea Cadet Corps.
We of the Navy League of the United States stand for a strong America - a nation morally, economically, and internally strong.

We believe that the security of our nation and of the people of the world demands a well-balanced, integrated, mobile American defense team, of which a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine are indispensable parts.

We support all Armed Services to the end that each may make its appropriate contribution to the national security.

We know that in a free nation an informed public is indispensable to national security and, therefore, we will strive to keep the nation alert to the dangers which threaten - both from without and within.

We favor appropriations for each of the Armed Services, adequate for national security, economically administered.

We oppose any usurpation of the Congress's constitutional authority over the Armed Services.

We urge that our country maintain world leadership in scientific research and development.

We support industrial preparedness, planning, production.

We support efforts of our government to achieve worldwide peace through international cooperation.

We advocate a foreign policy which will avoid wars - if possible; if not, win them!